Brooks Koepka Floats Solution For Golf’s Slow Play Issues

Brooks Koepka

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Most golfers deal with plenty of frustration by simply playing a round, but there are plenty of factors that can contribute to the rage the typical hack has to deal with while spending a few hours roaming the links.

That includes being teamed up with someone that takes an eternity to hit every shot or getting stuck behind a foursome that’s in the opposite of a rush, as it can be very hard to get in a rhythm when you’re dealing with a brutally slow pace of play.

Amateur golfers aren’t the only people who have to deal with that issue, as it came to the forefront thanks to the gridlock we were treated to during The Masters earlier this year.

Brooks Koepka declined to name names when he complained about the slow pace of play he and Jon Rahm had to contend with at Augusta National, although plenty of people were quick to place the blame on Patrick Cantlay (who was booed by spectators at the RBC Heritage for his inability to hit in a timely manner).

Plenty of fans have floated some potential solutions to a problem that’s become increasingly hard to ignore, and now, Koepka has entered the chat after addressing it ahead of the PGA Championship.

On Wednesday, the LIV Golf defector got the chance to address slow play while chatting with reporters at Oak Hill Country Club ahead of the tournament, and it’s clear he thinks some fairly major changes are needed.

Here’s what he had to say via Yahoo Sports:

“There’s a lot of guys out here that take their time. I think it is a problem.

Technically in the rule book it says you have 40 seconds to hit your shot. I think that’s what it is. If you are taking over, technically you’re breaking the rules, right?

Honestly, I would start stroking guys. If you are going to take that long, you have to get stroked. There are certain circumstances where the wind switches, something like that, it’s understandable, but taking a while is I just think unnecessary.”

While golf traditionalists would undoubtedly recoil at the notion of instituting some sort of official clock, I think most people would agree it’s been a very welcome change for baseball since the MLB embraced a similar measure this year.

It’s unlikely the PGA Tour (or, for that matter, LIV Golf) will be instituting a timer at any point in the near future, but if slow play keeps rearing its ugly head, it’s hard to imagine it will continue to go unaddressed.

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