Brooks Orpik Suspended For Three Games Following A Hit On Olli Maatta That Probably Should Have Killed Him

That hit right there? That’s how you kill a man. I don’t even consider that statement to be a judgement leap. That’s not a hot take or a first take. That’s not even a regular take. Hits like that were created for one reason and one reason only: to help men kill other men.

The fact that Olli Maatta was able to stand up after that is bananas. 9/10 the dude on the receiving end of a hit that bad is spending the next week and half lying in a hospital bed while slowly remembering the names of all of his loved ones. It would absolutely impossible for Orpik to escape that one without a suspension. Which is why he got suspended for 3 games.

I’m not sure here. 3 games? I mean, it was a horrible hit, but worse has gotten less. Plus it’s playoffs. A 3 game suspension in the post-season could quite literally translate to a season-long suspension since the season could end while he’s suspended. Plus the Orpik is like one of Washington’s best players and him missing 3 games is going to make the rest of this series a real slog for the Caps. However, it seems as Orpik is kind of taking his punishment and disappearing into the night.

If this was a regular season suspension, there’d be nothing better than seeing a player admit his wrongdoing. But it’s playoffs. I want my players seeing red. You can accept the fact that you’re being punished but you have to be ready to argue that you’re being punished too severely. Don’t roll over and die. You got away with murder, don’t stop now. Get away with murder and escape without being punished.

Regardless, Orpik’s done for 3 games. I think the Caps will still be in playoff contention when his suspension is up. However, you never know.