The Cleveland Browns Are Not Happy DeShone Kizer Decided To Party Late On Friday Night Before Game

by 1 year ago

Browns rookie QB DeShone Kizer had another terrible game and was benched during the team’s game against the Titans after throwing two interceptions.

After the game, coach Hue Jackson was asked about what he thought about a Cleveland TV station sharing footage of Kizer being out at a bar on Satuday morning at 1:30 am.


WOIO Channel 19 obtained video of Kizer partying with teammates at a downtown Cleveland establishment at 1:30 Saturday morning. The Browns practiced on Saturday in preparation for Sunday’s game.

At first Jackson thought there must be some mistake.

“It means a lot to me,” Jackson said of him being out that late. “A guy’s personal time is his personal time, but I still think that’s not what our guys do. I think our guys work at what they do, and I’d be surprised if that happened. I have never heard of that. I don’t think DeShone has that kind of character or personality that way. That’s what it is.”

Kizer’s teammate Ricardo Lewis was also disappointed in the young QB


I don’t think I’d be doing that,” Louis said. “When you’re a young guy in this league, you have to (learn how to prepare). He’s learning right now. Preparation for success is such a fine line.”

After the entire Johnny Manziel situation in Cleveland it was probably not a good move for Kizer to be out partying before a game.

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