Bruins Fan Fights Bruins Fan Over Beer, Somersaults, Coat Touching And General Stupidity

by 5 years ago

Two impressively coherent Bruins fans go into a fight on the T in what appeared to be an argument over a bizarre combination of somersault challenges and a beer offering that went bad.

The first highlight of this “duel” comes at the 17-second mark, where someone can be heard yelling, “Hey Gronkowski, let’s see it, bay-beee!”

That comment was presumably referring to a somersault that the tall, Imitation Gronk had apparently promised to do, but then reneged on. This of course caused Little Dude to begin touching Imitation Gronk’s jacket. Repeatedly. Even after a very clear, stern warning.

I bet you’ll never guess what happened next… Little Dude touched his jacket again! And that’s when Imitation Gronk delivered on his warning, hulking up with some ring-clearing haymakers.

The only thing that saved Little Dude’s life is the packed subway car that allowed him to bounce around from person to person like a beach ball. Otherwise he would’ve been flat on his back. And soon after, in a hospital. Or a grave.

[H/T Barstool Sports]

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