Here’s One Of The Most Brutal Surfing Wipeouts Ever At Teahupo’o, This Dude Is Lucky To Be Alive

by 3 years ago

Go big or go home, am I right? That’s the code of big wave surfing.

Every time the swells at Teahupo’o reach heights like this – requiring a tow in at more than triple head high – surfers put their lives in the hands of every wave they take, knowing full well that the power of the Indonesian ocean can be quickly harnessed, resulting in a catastrophic wipeout like we saw here.

Professional big wave surfer, Niccolo Porcella, was the unlucky victim of Teahupo’o wrath yesterday, getting sent crashing over the falls with an unimaginable amount of force after he got a little loose trying to pull into the barrel. Amazingly, the dude suffered no serious injuries; although, it’d be fair to think maybe he’ll be foregoing the lineup today.

[h/t Next Impulse Sports]


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