Bryce Harper And Max Scherzer Added ‘Papelbon’s Choke’ To Their Pre-Game Handshake Routine

Greg Fiume/Getty Images

Unless you’ve been living under a rock you’ve heard by know (and seen) the footage of Jonathan Papelbon choking Bryce Harper in the Washington Nationals’ dugout during a game last Sunday. If you haven’t seen that footage yet then CLICK HERE for that, but don’t leave yet because the video below is even better. While the biggest waste of salary $$$$ on the Washington Nationals’ roster (Jonathan Papelbon) sits out his four game suspension for attacking Bryce Harper the rest of the team has moved on without him, and they’re already making light of the dugout altercation.

MLB All Stars Bryce Harper and Max Scherzer have busted out some pretty inventive pre-game handshakes throughout the season, but none have been quite as awesome as this one. In their latest handshake Harper and Scherzer actually incorporated the ‘Papelbon Choke’. That handshake was of course caught on camera for the whole world to see, and I hope that Jonathan Papelbon and his rapidly declining career see this footage and he breaks his hand punching a wall:

[mlbvideo id=”513264283″ width=”640″ height=”360″ /]


SI notes this is actually an ‘amazing coincidence’ because the two had put together a choking handshake over a month ago, but after the Papelbon fight they brought it back:

In an amazing piece of coincidence, Harper and complicated-greeting artist Scherzer have actually been doing a choking handshake for at least a month, predating Papelbon putting his hand on Harper’s throat and drawing a four-game suspension from the team. (The Nationals said in an email that Harper and Scherzer have been doing the handshake all season.)

For some of their older handshakes you can follow this link on over to BlackSportsOnline!