Bryce Harper Photographed Stopping For Gas Wearing His Full Phillies Uniform

Bryce Harper Photographed Stopping For Gas In Full Phillies Uniform

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It’s always a little strange to see famous people out in the wild doing regular people things (i.e. Jones, Jerry).

But seeing a celebrity going grocery shopping or grabbing some items at Target is far less jarring than seeing a professional athlete like Bryce Harper filling up the tank at a gas station while wearing his full Phillies uniform.

No, that wasn’t just some rando in a Bryce Harper jersey topping off at Chevron the other day, it really was Mondo.

The photo was taken and shared by Phildelphia Phillies prospect Bryson Stott on his Instagram story the other day with the caption “Tryouts at 6:35” like he was some high school kid and not getting set to play the New York Yankees in spring training later that day.

Stott can get away with having a little fun at Harper’s expense, despite being just 23-years-old and having never played above low A ball because he, like Harper and fellow MLB star Kris Bryant, is a Las Vegas boy and attending UNLV for two years before being drafted.

Stott, a shortstop and the Phillies’ first round pick (14th overall) in the 2019 MLB June Amateur Draft, had a slashline of .365/.442/.556 during his sophomore season, leading the NCAA in doubles with 30.

He also used some of his $3.9 million signing bonus to buy a new SUV for his mom for her birthday. What a good kid.