Bryce Young NFL Combine Video Makes Him Look Short And Fans Are Freaking Out

Bryce Young throwing

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It’s NFL draft season which means it’s that time of year when fans and scouts overreact to players’ measurements.

Earlier this week, ESPN’s Todd McShay reported that scouts believe Young is about 5^10.

“I love Bryce Young, I really do,” McShay says. “I know he’s 195 pounds; a really good friend of mine who’s a scout had him at 5’10½”. But I met with him,

I’ve talked to him. He’s special. He’s different. He has the poise, the presence in the pocket, the playmaking, everything else you want. I absolutely love Bryce Young. I would bet on him.”

On Wednesday, a video of Young walking into the combine next to 6^6 tight end Luke Schoonmaker went viral.

Fans immediately started freaking out after seeing the video of Young standing next to

Despite the height issues, Young is being projected as a top 5 pick in the draft.

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