Bryce Young’s Official NFL Combine Measurements Are Out And They May Have Secured His Draft Status

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Alabama quarterback Bryce Young absolutely tore up the college football world over his two seasons as the Crimson Tide starter.

The California native threw for 8,356 yards, 80 touchdowns and 12 interceptions. He won the Heisman Trophy in 2021 and led Bama to a College Football Playoff final appearance in the same year.

His performance led him to the top of a number of 2023 NFL Draft boards. But whether he’s at the tippy top of those boards is up for the debate.

Young’s performance is not up for debate. The numbers don’t lie and it seems he’s got the leadership skills to match. But the NFL is full of very large athletes. Young will not be considered among them.

That’s because there are a number of concerns about both the star quarterback’s height and weight. Some scouts believed Young to stand as short at 5-foot-9 (short kings, stand up!) and as scant at 190 pounds.

But eventually, we were always going to find out the truth. While Young won’t throw at the NFL Draft combine in Indianapolis, he is taking part in interviews and the rest of the evaluation process.

That includes taking his measurements. Young’s official measurements took place on Saturday morning and the results may have launched him to the top of a number of draft boards.

At 5-foot-10 (and 1/8th!) and 204 pounds, Young compared very similarly to Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray.

The Cards made Murray the No. 1 overall pick in the 2019 overall draft pick and he’s since been selected to two Pro Bowls.

Additionally, Young does not seem to have the same obsession with Call of Duty that Murray reportedly has.

While the height is inarguable, many worried that Young only reached the 204-pound mark by bulking.

Still, it’s clear that Young won’t be too undersized and given his tape, should probably be in consideration to go No. 1 in April’s NFL Draft.