Bryson DeChambeau Spotted With New Irons And Shoes After Splitting With Cobra-Puma

Bryson DeChambeau

Getty Image / Luke Walker / WME IMG / WME IMG

It was recently revealed that former U.S. Open winner and current LIV Golf superstar Bryson DeChambeau split ways with Puma and Cobra Golf.

His contract with Cobra-Puma wasn’t renewed at the end of 2022 and the company almost immediately scrubbed Bryson from its website. This means Bryson DeChambeau is now swinging with new golf equipment as he’s on the hunt for a new equipment partner.

After the split, Bryson DeChambeau took a swipe at Cobra-Puma in an interview in late January. Speaking about their clubs, he said “technology is not up to par with the way golfers can perform at high speeds.”

A rep for Cobra-Puma called it an “asinine statement” from Bryson. Adding that Bryson “thinks there is a magic bullet out there. He’s looking for a unicorn.”

Flash forward to this week and Bryson DeChambeau was spotted wearing new golf shoes and swinging new irons. Both of these will clearly have potentially large impacts on his golf game.

That image was posted by ‘The Equipment Junkie’ on Instagram, who also shared the announcement that Adidas and Dustin Johnson had amicably parted ways after 15+ years.

In the image, Bryson DeChambeau’s new golf equipment we can see are the Ping i230 irons and Cuater ‘The Ringer’ shoes. The 2023 Ping i230 irons retail for around $1,300 (free for Bryson, presumably).

Ping describes them as “Tour-proven, players-style iron that delivers consistent, predictable distance control and tight dispersion.” The technology behind these irons is pretty impressive and you can read up on those on Ping’s website.

‘The Ringer’ shoes are from TravisMathew and sell for between $199 and $249.

On social media, the reactions to Bryson DeChambeau’s new golf equipment is mixed.

One person on Twitter wrote “I’m confident that Bryson can play bad and find fault with any manufacturer. He will be fine.”

On Instagram, the top comment reads “Does anybody really care what retired golfers are using or wearing?” That’s a clear swipe at how low the stakes are on the LIV Golf Tour when there’s no cut line.

Another person on Instagram wrote “They’re all going to be forced to wear what the Saudis tell them in the coming seasons.” Which, to be fair, is has some air of truth but probably not in the way they mean it.

LIV Golf team captains, like Dustin Johnson and Bryson DeChambeau, own 25% of the principal of their teams.

Going forward, they are very incentivized to grow the popularity of their LIV teams and one of the quickest ways to do through is by selling new golf equipment and team merchandise… Aka, landing a team-wide golf equipment deal and not one just for themselves.