Bryson DeChambeau Posts Shirtless Pic Just To Make Sure You Know That He Is In Fact Thicc

bryson dechambeau shirtless pic weight gain muscle

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Bryson DeChambeau’s muscle and weight gain journey has been well documented over the past year or so. The 26-year-old has been very vocal about the fact that he’d be joining the thicc crowd to pick up major distance off the tee and he has stuck to his word.

Back in August, during a six-week break DeChambeau took, he announced to the world that he was going to “come back next year and look like a different person.” In April DeChambeau shared an Instagram story showing that he currently weighed in at 239 pounds, which is a giant jump from the 195 pounds he weighed in September.

Showing a picture of a scale is one thing, but the real way you show off a body transformation is ripping your shirt off and posting a black and white picture on your Instagram stories, we all know this. Oh, and adding Justin Bieber’s ‘Yummy’ on top of it, that’s just a chef’s kiss.

Is that a professional golfer in that photo or a Division II quarterback that thinks he can walk on water? I think most people who don’t know who DeChambea is would go with the second option.

One has to imagine that putting on around 40 pounds could affect one’s swing mechanics and touch around the greens, but DeChambeau isn’t worried about that one bit. He knows he’s entering unprecedented territory on the PGA Tour and even said on a recent Twitch stream that reaching 270 lbs isn’t out of the realm of possibilities.

The ultimate goal of his muscle and weight gain was to pick up some big-time distance off the tee and it’s worked thus far. DeChambeau was leading the PGA Tour averaging 321 yards off the tee before the sports world hit pause.

DeChambeau set a goal of transforming his body to pick up some serious swing and ball speed and he’s clearly accomplished those things.

It will be interesting to see if DeChambeau does continue to add on the lbs and surpass the 250 lb mark, not to mention if any sort of injuries arise with all of the extra mass he’s putting on.


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