Bubba Watson Made A Funny At Rickie Fowler’s Expense During U.S. Golf’s Press Conference

It’s taken me a long while to warm up to Bubba Watson partly because he reminds me very much of Derek from Step Brothers in his look and demeanor and partly because he seems like a dude who would have no qualms about parking in a handicapped spot. Oh, and speaking of parking, there was that SB Nation poll last year that asked 103 PGA players who they wouldn’t help in a parking lot fight and Bubba was the runaway (least) favorite.

But at this point Bubba’s pseudo-douchieness is charming, endearing even. I audibly giggled at this joke he made during a press event in Rio when he interjected Fowler’s gung-ho answer about striving for gold and casually claimed that he’s going to pack it in and take a stab at bronze.

At first I thought he was undermining Rickie, then I remembered that they’re boys, most evident in Bubba bitching out a spectator at the PGA Tour’s Memorial Tournament because he yelled during Rickie’s putt.

“Who said it?” … “Not so tough now are you?” *crickets*


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