Bubba Watson’s Caddie Puts Heckler In A Body Bag By Telling Him To Go Back To His Grandmother’s Basement

That’s how you back up your paycheck. If someone’s going to heckle your boss, you get right up there and tell that heckler to cut his dick off and shove it up his own ass. Otherwise, you’ll be replaced by someone who is willing to say that to said heckler. I really will never understand why people heckle professional athletes. Even the worst professional golfer of all time is probably a million times better than me. I have no place telling him he sucks. Sure, if he puts ice in his beers or something like that I have no problem telling him he sucks at drinking beer, but I can’t criticize his golf game. Not my place. Plus, the rest of the world will automatically defend him and put me down. Setting yourself up for failure. Just keep your thoughts, comments and opinions to yourself like a normal person.