Tampa Bay Announces Bucco Bruce And The Creamsicle Uniforms Are Coming Back And Fans Can’t Wait

Tampa Bay Announces Bucco Bruce And The Creamsicle Uniforms Are Coming Back And Fans Can't Wait

Getty Image / J. Meric

  • The Tampa Bay Buccaneers they are bringing back Bucco Bruce and the iconic creamsicle uniforms that fans are obsessed with
  • The team also announced the return of their creamsicle uniforms would be delayed because of global supply chain issues
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The Tampa Bay Buccaneers made a massive announcement on Monday, the iconic Bucco Bruce logo is making a triumphant return along with the team’s creamsicle uniforms. These are, without question, amongst the most recognizable and (in many cases) beloved throwback uniforms in the NFL and fans are stoked they’re coming back.

As a lifelong/born and raised Bucs fan, this is a dream come true for me. I barely remember the Bucs wearing the Creamsicle uniforms with Bucco Bruce as the team stopped wearing them back in 1996 and I was just a kid. But there was this period of the next 10 years where those creamsicle uniforms were still everywhere amongst Bucs fans who were unwilling to buy new jerseys and shirts.

Then as time went on, creamsicle merch became even more sought after. I’ve got a hat, shirt, and jersey all in creamsicle hanging in my closet and I had to pay a premium for each of them through boutique sellers. Now the Bucs are cutting out the middle man and bringing back Bucco Bruce and the creamsicle uniforms but it’s not happening until 2023 according to the team’s announcement.

Tampa Bay Announces Bucco Bruce And The Creamsicle Uniforms Are Coming Back

The Bucs list “global supply chain challenges” as the reason the creamsicle unis aren’t returning next season, saying the team and fans will “have to wait one more year than hoped.” Their announcement states 2023 is ‘the earliest’ that Nike can complete production of the new throwback uniforms. Personally, I have trouble buying this explanation but that’s what they’re saying so I’ll accept it for now.

Fans Discuss The Triumphant Return of Bucco Bruce

One thing that older Buccaneers fans will never forget is how awful the Bucs were as a team when they wore the creamsicle uniforms. They remember that era as a time when the Bucs were the worst team in the league. Millennial and younger fans just see the throwbacks as iconic. So the fan response to creamsicle coming back is certainly a mixture of feelings.

I’m certainly excited to pick up a new creamsicle jersey in the near future. It is disappointing that I won’t be able to see Tom Brady wearing the creamsicle uniforms because it’s clear he was a fan of the design as he opted to wear creamsicle for the Bucs’ Super Bowl boat parade.