Bucs Star Mike Evans Says He Wants To Know Who The Starting Quarterback Is

Mike Evans Baker Mayfield

Cliff Welch/Getty Image

As the competition for the starting quarterback position on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers continues, star wide receiver Mike Evans has voiced his desire for a swift resolution.

Evans expressed his eagerness for the team to make a decision and designate their starting quarterback sooner rather than later.

Following a joint practice session with the New York Jets, Evans told reporters that the team needs clarity on the starting quarterback situation to ensure a smooth transition into the regular season.

“We want to know who the starter’s going to be, you know, soon,” Evans stated, emphasizing the need for the starting quarterback to take command of the offense.

In their recent preseason outing against the Pittsburgh Steelers, both Mayfield and Trask had opportunities to showcase their skills.

Mayfield, who started, completed 8 of 9 passes for 63 yards, including a touchdown, and managed to avoid any interceptions.

On the other hand, Trask completed 6 of 10 passes for 99 yards, failed to throw for a touchdown, and threw one interception.

Trask, a second-round pick for the Buccaneers in the 2021 NFL Draft, brings youth to the competition, while Mayfield, the first overall pick in 2018 and former Cleveland Browns starter, possesses valuable experience as a starting quarterback.

As the Buccaneers approach a critical point in their preseason preparations, all eyes are on the coaching staff to determine who will lead the team’s offense into the regular season.

The decision holds the potential to impact the team’s performance and dynamics as they strive for success in the upcoming campaign.