347-Pound Vita Vea Becomes Heaviest Player To Ever Score An Offensive TD In The NFL With Catch vs. Falcons

vita vea touchdown catch

Getty Image / Carmen Mandato

There is just something about massive dudes catching touchdown passes that’s simply glorious and we saw one of the biggest in the NFL haul in a historic touchdown on Sunday.

Buccaneers defensive tackle Vita Vea, who weighs in a 347 pounds, became the heaviest player in NFL history to score an offensive touchdown after catching a one-yard pass from Jameis Winston.

It was the perfect decoy play call from the Bucs as Vea lined up at fullback. It was easy to assume that Winston was going to either hand it off to Vea or his running back, but instead, Vea took off on a quick route without a single defender picking him up. Even Winston is going to be able to complete that pass 10 times out of 10.

According to USA Today, the heaviest man to score a touchdown record was held by fellow defensive tackle Dontari Poe who currently plays for the Panthers. Poe scored a touchdown run against the Chargers when he was with the Chiefs in 2015 and at that point in time, Poe weighed 346 pounds.

It really is a shame that we don’t see this play more often in goal-line situations. We get a couple per year, but you’d think some teams would utilize this sort of play calling when they have a big man on the roster that has soft hands like Vea.

The Bucs went on to beat the Falcons 35-22. Not only did Vea have the touchdown grab, but he also picked up a sack and two pass deflections.

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