Bucks C Meyers Leonard Goes Viral After Being Caught Cheering For The Heat

Bucks center Meyers Leonard

Getty Image / John Fisher

The Milwaukee Bucks find themselves down 1-3 in the first round to the Miami Heat after Jimmy Butler torched them for 56 points in Game 4.

However, backup center Meyers Leonard went viral on Tuesday after someone found video of him rooting for the wrong team while sitting on the Bucks’ sideline.

Midway through the contest, the Heat ran down the floor and hit a three-pointer to give themselves a 12-point lead. However, the camera zooms in on Milwaukee’s bench.

You can see Meyers Leonard clear as day sitting at the very end of the bench. The shot goes in and he just stands up and celebrates.

To be fair, Leonard played for the Heat before signing a deal with the Bucks. Clearly, he forgot what team he plays for in that split second.

Look, the guy had a brain fart. Happens to the best of us. But most people don’t play for the NBA.

It’s hilarious to watch though. Additionally, it doesn’t appear that his teammates even notice it.

Or anyone for that matter. Meyers Leonard basically got away with rooting for the Heat while his Bucks teammates are fighting to stay within reach.

Maybe Leonard just loves a good underdog story. An eighth seed beating a one seed is the biggest upset that can happen in the NBA Playoffs.

In the end, Meyers Leonard shared his explanation for why he stood up like that after the Heat hit a three.

Okay, so context clearly helps his situation. This explains why his teammates weren’t upset with him. The math seems to check out.

So, we can probably put the speculation to rest. Especially since the Bucks don’t need any distractions right now as they aim to get back in the series. One more loss and Milwaukee is heading home!