Bills Mafia Dude Rips His Shirt Off Like Hulk Hogan And Body Slams A Table Draped In Cardinals Flag

For reasons unbeknownst to me the ‘Bills Mafia’ is synonymous with body-slamming tables. The NFL season had barely begun and we were already bringing you bros clips of Buffalo Bills fans getting hammered and body slamming tables (See examples here), and going into week 4 of the NFL season there’s no end in sight to these drunken shenanigans.

Here’s a Vidme version of that clip if the Facebook embed isn’t working for you for whatever reason:

In that clip above (via Deadspin) we’ve got not one but TWO members of the Bills Mafia body-slamming their tailgating table, but the dude on our right seems to be much more into it than the dude on the left. If the chanting is to be believed that dude’s name is Eddie, and frankly I have to admire Eddie’s dedication to trashing tables. It appears that he went out and purchased both an Arizona Cardinals flag and shirt just for this spectacle. He then rips that shirt off like he’s Hulk Hogan and smashes through his table.

Meanwhile, we’ve got that dude on our left wearing a friggin’ Willis McGahee jersey and he spends the entire clip with a cigarette in his mouth. I’ve only spent limited amounts of time in Buffalo in the past but this pretty much sums up everything I know about Buffalo.

…(h/t Deadspin)…