Buffalo Radio Producer And Host Said He’d Quit If The Bills Drafted Josh Allen, So He Did

Buffalo radio quits Bills draft Josh Allen

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Ryan Gates, a producer for WGR-550 radio in Buffalo, said he would quit if the Bills drafted Josh Allen ahead of available quarterbacks Baker Mayfield or Josh Rosen.

“I just [said] on the air that I’ll quit if they draft Allen with Rosen or Mayfield on the board,” said Gates on March 13th.

On April 22nd, he tweeted, “Just so you all know I have spent the first few hours of my Sunday morning applying to jobs preparing myself for the possibility that the #Bills draft Josh Allen.”

Of course the Bills took Allen with Mayfield and Rosen still on the board.

This week he made it official.

“To those wondering if we are playing some sort of long con about my future at WGR, we are not. Friday will be my last day as a producer for Schopp and the Bulldog. Thursday will be my last day as host of The Nightcap,” tweeted Gates on Monday.

Oh well, at least now A.J. McCarron isn’t the only person in Buffalo who feels a little awkward since the Bills selected Josh Allen.

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