Buzz Bissinger Called Eagles Head Coach Chip Kelly A ‘Complete Fraud’ In Tremendous Radio Rant

Philadelphia Eagles fans are pissed off. I’m pissed off. After disappointment after disappointment, no NFL fanbase is more hungry for their team to have a successful run like Birds fans. I keep telling myself that last year the Birds were off to a 1-3 start before finishing 10-6 (…but having a complete meltdown in December to keep them out of the playoffs). That doesn’t make it any easier to stomach watching Chip’s mad science project fall apart right now.

Buzz Bissinger — the legendary sports writer and author of Friday Night Lights who calls Philly home — is frustrated by this team too. In fact, he thinks Chip Kelly is a complete fraud. Yesterday he called into Mike Missanelli shows on 97.5 The Fanatic and proceeded to go in on the coach. The rant is tremendous:

“I think he should be fired after the season,” Bissinger said, clarifying he’d let Kelly go if the Eagles end the season with a losing record.

“I think it’s clear now the gimmick is over and coaches have figured it out,” Bissinger said.

“It’s his arrogance that I hate. It’s his feeling that ‘I don’t need personnel, I don’t need players, I just need my system,’ ” Bissinger said. “‘And if we don’t win, it’s because the players didn’t execute my system.’ That’s BS.

“Would you like to be in the Eagles locker room knowing that you’re completely expendable? That you’re always thrown to the wolves, it’s always your fault, your lack of execution?”

When it’s third or something, do you want Sam Bradford as your quarterback?” Bissinger mockingly asked. “Honestly, Nick Foles looked a hell of a lot better.”

And then Buzz went in on his college record:

“[Oregon] was good because he recruited a bunch of thugs from L.A. who couldn’t make it academically and many of whom got in trouble,” Bissinger said. “He barely beat a top-20 team, he never won at the national championship, and every time he went against a good team, he lost.

Listen to the whole tremendous rant here. Glad Buzz said it. Maybe now people can start looking at Chip in a totally different light.

Maybe it’s time to start drinking that Pope water… Because it feels like this team needs a miracle or five.

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