Caleb Plant And David Benavidez Get Heated After Plant Brings Up Benavidez’s Past Cocaine Use At Press Conference

David Benavidez Vs Caleb Plant


Things got heated during the Caleb Plant-David Benavidez preliminary press conference on Wednesday before their March 25th bout on PPV.

Before they even took the stage, Benavidez and Plant were talking trash to each other in the parking lot.

During the presser, Plant brought up Benavidez’s positive drug test for cocaine from 2018.

“I’ll show up on weight, and I ain’t gonna test positive on cocaine either”

Benavidez took offense to Plant’s comment, and all hell broke loose.

When it was his turn to talk, Benavidez promised to put Plant “in the hospital.”

Things were so heated that they couldn’t have a proper face-off without several people in front of them to keep them separated.

Plant and Benavidez are set to fight on March 25th in Las Vegas live on Showtime PPV.

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