California Governor Slams UCLA For Moving To Big Ten Without Even Giving Regents A ‘Heads Up’

California Governor Slams UCLA For Moving To Big Ten With No Notice

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Count California Governor Gavin Newsom among many people who are angry about the USC Trojans, and in particular, the UCLA Bruins moving to the Big Ten.

Newsom slammed UCLA on Thursday for moving to the Big Ten without even having “the decency to provide (a) heads-up” to the University of California Board of Regents, of which he is an ex officio member and President.

“I read about it,” Newsom told Fox 11 News, pointing out that he wasn’t even aware of the move.

“No big deal, I’m the Governor of the state of California. Maybe a bigger deal is I’m the chair of the UC regents. No, I read about it.

“Is it a good idea? Did we have a chance to discuss the merits and demerits? I’m not aware that anyone did. So it was done in isolation. It was done without any regental oversight or support. It was done without any consideration, to my knowledge.

“Perhaps it was deep conversation with other presidents or chancellors in the system that impact more broadly than just the UC’s, but other universities including Stanford University…” Newsom said with more than a hint of sarcasm.

California Governor Gavin Newsom is ‘looking into’ UCLA leaving the Pac 12 for the Big Ten

“I have strong opinions about this, for no other reason than as a member of the regents, we were never consulted, never asked for an opinion, and they didn’t even have the decency to provide (a) heads-up.”

“So, trust me when I say this, we’re not going to be looking into it. We already are looking into it, within minutes after reading about this in the newspaper.”

What he can do about UCLA’s move to the Big Ten now, he did not say.

Many fans on social media, however, did express their opinions of what Governor Newsom can do in the wake of UCLA and USC’s defections to the Big Ten.

But how does everyone really feel about Governor Newsom’s role in all of this?