NFL Fans React To Cam Newton Making Big Personal Announcement And Adding ‘Hell Yeah’ He Wants To Play

  • Former New England Patriots quarterback Cam Newton made two big announcements on his YouTube channel on Sunday
  • Cam kicked it off by saying ‘hell yeah’ he wants to keep playing in the NFL and also providing a big personal update regarding a topic that swirls around him
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Cam Newton provided two major announcements on Sunday during his regularly scheduled YouTube update. Usually, Cam’s ‘Funky Friday’ updates go out on Friday but Cam waited until Sunday this time around.

Newton wastes zero time getting down to the nitty-gritty. He states “there’s two things with that: number one, hell yeah I want to still play football’ and he goes on to say ‘I got the vaccination’ referring to the covid-19 jab.

NFL fans were quick to comment on Cam Newton’s latest announcements. But before we get to the fan reactions here’s the full clip from Cam Newton where he talks about wanting to still play in the NFL and how/why/when he got the shot. This, of course, means that if Cam Newton returns to the NFL he will be subjected to less testing and restrictions than he was during his recent tenure with the Patriots:

If an NFL team chooses to pick up Cam Newton he can now join that team immediately versus previously having to wait 5 days. I personally believe we will see Cam Newton on an NFL field again in the near future.

NFL fans on Twitter were quick to react to Cam Newton’s ‘hell yeah’ comments and Cam getting the shot. Some fans were snarky, others supportive, and a lot of trolls couldn’t stop themselves from adding literally nothing to the conversation.

There’s an enormous difference between fans wanting Cam Newton to come play for their team because their current QB sucks or is injured, and that team actually needing Cam Newton. The fact that Cam isn’t currently a backup anywhere is working against him with every passing second. He could show up and start throwing passes anywhere but there are a thousand other things he’ll need to learn and do in order to be successful with another NFL team.

Like I said above, my personal feeling is that we will see Cam Newton in the NFL again at some point but the chances of that happening go down with every passing day.