Shawne Merriman Says That Cam Newton Told Him At The Super Bowl That He Thinks Tom Brady Will Sign With Chargers

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It’s really tough to imagine Tom Brady playing football for a team not named the New England Patriots, but it could actually happen. It’s starting to feel more and more unlikely as each day goes by, but who knows what the future holds for TB 12?

Earlier this week it was reported that the only team the Patriots are actually worried about swooping in and getting Brady’s signature are the Chargers. Brady taking his talents and family to live that Los Angeles life wouldn’t be the wildest move as it has been rumored the weather and lifestyle in LA is slightly better than that of the greater Boston area.

According to Shawne Merriman, Cam Newton thinks that’s the move Brady is going to make, he believes he’ll sign with the Chargers this offseason.

Per TMZ, Newton told Merriman at this year’s Super Bowl that “Tom is going to come to the Chargers,” but the former linebacker doesn’t think Brady is the right fit. He thinks that the team should go after a more athletic quarterback and Brady sliding into the spot held by Philip Rivers for so long wouldn’t be the best move.

As for who Merriman thinks would be a great fit? He explained that Newton could be a great choice.