This NFL Cameraman Was The Toughest Guy On The Field On Sunday


It’s hard to understate how dangerous being on a football field can truly be. The moment you step onto the turf, you have to ensure your head is on a swivel at all times. You never know what’s going to come your way, but you always have to be prepared for the worst.

That lesson primarily applies to the players who will be barreling at high speeds with the unconscious urge to cause bodily harm to their opponent, but it’s something everyone at field level should truly take to heart. After all, how many times have we seen unsuspecting cheerleaders, security guards, photographers, and those guys with the weird satellite dishes get absolutely rocked because they weren’t paying attention.

This cameraman at yesterday’s Cardinals-Lions game managed to avoid getting taken out by one of the players on the field, but he suffered a fate that might arguably be worse: a 58-yard field goal directly to the groin.

As someone who formerly worked the field during college football games, I can say for a fact that you do not come physically (or, for that matter, emotionally) prepared for situations like this one. This camera guy might not be able to have kids now, but at least he managed to nail the shot without flinching. That has to count for something.

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