Mariners’ Broadcast Booth Goes On The Longest Awkward Pause After Announcer Makes Accidental Innuendo

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Things got a bit awkward in the broadcast booth on Wednesday after a former Seattle outfielder made an accidental innuendo.

Cameron Maybin was on hand to watch the Mariners take on the New York Yankees in afternoon action, making a trip up to the booth to talk a little baseball. An innocent comment during game action wound up bringing the broadcast team to complete silence.

The camera had zoomed in on a player in the dugout rubbing and scuffing a baseball. Maybin decided to weigh in on his experience, but in doing so, made a hilarious lewd reference.

“Yeah, I’ve rubbed up quite a few balls in my life.”

The statement was followed by the longest awkward pause you’ve ever heard at a sporting event. Take a listen.

The cringy pause goes on for nearly 20 seconds before commentators finally break the silence to call the next pitch. Fans on social media have been quick to react to the hilarious clip.

MLB fans post their responses Cameron Maybin’s comment in the Mariners’ booth

Fans just couldn’t help but post their reactions on Twitter after hearing about Cameron Maybin’s remark in the Mariners’ booth. Take a look at the immediate reaction.

Announcers broke the awkward silence with the following statement.

One fan says that the NBA on TNT crew wouldn’t have let this one slide.

Maybe the crew cut the mics so they could laugh at the accidental reference, leading to the 18-second silence.

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