Phillies Broadcast Booth Instantly Regrets Letting Pete Rose On Air As He Goes On NSFW Rant

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Pete Rose was on hand for Sunday’s matchup between the Phillies and Nationals. The return was part of a celebration for the 1980 Philadelphia team that brought a World Series championship to the City of Brotherly Love.

Rose always comes with a bit of controversy.

He was involved in the gambling scandal that’s kept him from the Hall of Fame, despite being the MLB’s all-time hits leader. There was also a statutory rape claim, which he was asked about Sunday afternoon.

Never one to bite his tongue, Rose made headlines once again by going on a NSFW rant in the Phillies broadcast booth.

Pete Rose goes on explicit rant during Phillies live broadcast

When speaking on his past playing days, Rose went into a not-safe-for-work rant that had the broadcast team immediately attempting to change the subject.

He was telling a story on former Phillies player John Kruk, and he went off the rails. Rose throws out a story of someone hitting a “cock-high fastball,” before closing his segment out with a “no shit.”

Instant regret.

Social media was quick to chime in on Rose’s comments.

MLB world reacts to Pete Rose’s lewd commentary

Baseball fans were quick to respond upon hearing the explicit rant. The broadcast team certainly wasn’t expecting to hear Rose’s explicit outburst.

Take a look at the immediate reaction on Twitter.

Some fans expected something like this to happen.

Apparently, this was one of many references made by Rose.

Next time, they’ll probably think twice before inviting Pete Rose back in the broadcast booth.

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