For $10, You Can Buy Tim Tebow Jersey Insurance, So That’s Probably Worth It

In Tim Tebow’s bumpy, heavily-scrutinized NFL career, he’s had brief tenures with the Broncos, Jets, then Patriots (well, not really). At all three pitstops, his jersey was a top 10 best-seller through, even though one talking head considers Tebow the worst quarterback  he’s ever seen.

With such short stints with three different teams, some fans wore Tebow’s NFL jersey more than he wore his own. But this won’t be the case now that he’s joined the Philadelphia Eagles on a one-year contract.

One Pennsylvania sporting goods store with 18 locations is providing jersey insurance for Tim Tebow’s No. 11 Eagles jersey, as well as for any NFL player who is traded or cut within the first 18 months. Enrolling in the insurance policy will allow customers to keep the jersey and buy a new jersey of a different player for half-price.

I hope everything works out for Timmy and this jersey insurance isn’t needed. Extremely unlikely but I can dream. Tebow seems like a dude who would be cool to sit around and smoke a joint with. Granted, he probably wouldn’t smoke it but he’d bring a few chicks and share in the laughs. Plus, I’m not sure if I’d want him passing me anything anyway.



[H/T Vocativ]

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