Canadian Hockey Arena Sings The Star-Spangled Banner When Microphone Dies

by 11 months ago

The Edmonton Oilers lost 6-3 at home last night to the Anaheim Ducks, but every Canadian bro in the crowd last night is a winner in my book for putting Uncle Sam on his back after a broken microphone.

Country Music singer Brett Kissel was on hand to sing the Star-Spangled Banner in front of Edmonton’s crowd but when he took the ice and began his performance it was soon apparent that the microphone was broken. The Rogers Place crowd stepped in and begun singing the Star-Spangled Banner when Brett Kissel’s microphone was borked. And that’s when we all boarded the Feels Train.

Canadians bros, I may not be able to name the capitals of Newfoundland or Saskatchewan, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love you love brothers. This was a great moment in Sports and one that has me ready to learn the Canadian national anthem (or whichever song it is they sing before NHL games) just in case I ever need to repay this favor in kind to our Canadian brethren.

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