Things Get Awkward When WNBA Player Candace Parker Schools Shaq On ‘Inside The NBA’ About Modern Basketball Strategy

Inside The NBA/TNT

Shaq is having a rough year as an analyst on ‘Inside The NBA.’

Earlier this season, Shaq was straight up called a “casual” fan by Christian Wood for not knowing who the Rockets center was despite the fact that many who follow the NBA closely believe Wood is a rising star in the league.

Fans are once again calling out Shaq for being a “casual” after his argument about modern basketball strategy with WNBA player Candace Parker on the latest edition of ‘Inside The NBA.’

On Tuesday night, Parker and Shaq argued about the intricacies of modern pick and roll basketball after the Nuggets-Bucks game. During the debate, Parker explained how defenses around the NBA are switching more than ever and how the Nuggets offense is suited to take advantage of switching defenses.

Shaq asked why modern defenses don’t just “man up” against the Nuggets instead of switching like they would do back when he used to play which led to Parker using math and analytics to shut up the NBA legend.

Throughout the conversation, Parker looked dumbfounded at how Shaq couldn’t grasp the ins-and-outs of modern NBA strategy.