A Vancouver Canucks Fan Won The Largest 50/50 Raffle Jackpot In North American History Last Night

Rich Lam/Getty Images

Everyone in attendance to watch the Sedin twins say farewell to the city of Vancouver was treated with the twins combining for two goals,  one an overtime winner, in a dramatic 4-3 overtime win against the Arizona Coyotes.

But, one fan, one extremely lucky fan, was treated to much more–$397,275. UNTAXED. So that would be like $2 million in New York (New York high tax joke! High five!)

In the third period, the Canucks announced a record jackpot of $1,014,555 for the 50/50 draw, thanks to a previously unclaimed prize and a full crowd throwing dollars at the raffle. The Canucks For Kids charity fund would take half of the winnings by design, leaving one unnamed fan with nearly $400,000 in winnings, which is not taxed per Canadian law.

According to ESPN, The winnings set a 50/50 record in North America–with the previous record coming last year at an Edmonton Eskimos CFL game, where a fan won $345,160.

A charity promoting the health and wellness of the community receiving hundreds of thousands + A lucky fan receiving life-changing money + A dramatic overtime win in the Sedin twins final home game of their careers = A very good night in Vancouver.

[h/t ESPN]

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