Cardinals Officially Hired Michael Scott As Their Next Head Coach – This Cringe Video Proves It

Jonathan Gannon

Chris Coduto/Getty Images

On Thursday, the Arizona Cardinals introduced their new head coach, Jonathan Gannon, to both the media and their players. After watching the video released by the team, people are freaking out about his interactions with the players he’ll coach.

The immediate thought that came to mind for everyone on the internet is “The Cardinals have hired Michael Scott” – the infamously awkward fictional character from the television show ‘The Office’

The full video released by the Cardinals doesn’t help Gannon much, but it’s definitely better than the short clip of his interaction with wide receiver Rondale Moore and doesn’t include any more rocket sounds.

Cardinals Turning Over A New Page With Gannon

On a more serious note, the Cardinals hired former Eagles Defensive Coordinator Jonathan Gannon because he would bring his extensive experience as an NFL defensive coach to the team.

As a head coach, Gannon would be responsible for leading the entire team, not just the defense. He would need to develop a strong game plan for each game, manage the players and coaching staff, and work closely with the team’s general manager and ownership to make decisions about personnel and overall team strategy.