Watch Cardinals Reliever Jordan Hicks Throw Five Straight Pitches Between 103 And 105 MPH

by 1 year ago
Cardinals Jordan Hicks Pitches 105 MPH

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21-year-old St. Louis Cardinals reliever Jordan Hicks can throw fast. Like really fast. In the 2017 Arizona Fall League Hicks was clocked at 102.6 mph. During his Major League Baseball debut his average fastball velocity for the day was 100.4 miles per hour. But all of that was nothing compared to what Hicks did to poor Odubel Herrera of the Philadelphia Phillies on Sunday.

During Herrera’s at-bat against Hicks, he saw five straight pitches that registered at 104.2 mph, 105 mph, 104.3 mph, 105 mph, and 103.7 mph — the five fastest pitches of the year. Oh, just to make them even more unhittable, all five pitches also had RIDICULOUS movement.

Needless to say, Herrera struck out. On the plus side for him, the pitch he struck out on ricocheted off the dirt so violently that he was able to reach first base.

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