Cardinals Reportedly ‘Upset’ That DeAndre Hopkins Sat Out Games While Healthy

DeAndre Hopkins

Christian Petersen/Getty Image

The Arizona Cardinals are reportedly upset that wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins refused to suit up for games during the 2022 season, despite being healthy.

The accusation against Hopkins was brought to light by a sourced report from long-time Cardinals staff writer Kyle Odegard. The report stated that Hopkins’s decision to sit out the final two games of the 2022 season had upset some individuals within the Cardinals organization.

He added that had Hopkins remained with the team until the trade deadline, it could have created a complicated situation.

Odegard’s tenure with the Cardinals spans from 2013 to 2021, including two seasons in which Hopkins played for the team, lends credibility to his claims.

The Arizona Cardinals’ surprising move to release Hopkins sent surprised the football world last Friday. While it is tempting to attribute the decision solely to the player’s age and his significant contract, Odegard’s report sheds light on a potential internal conflict surrounding Hopkins’s refusal to play despite being in good health.

DeAndre Hopkins joined the Arizona Cardinals in March 2020, following a trade with the Houston Texans. In his first season with the Cardinals, he made an immediate impact, showcasing his exceptional skills and playmaking abilities. Hopkins recorded an impressive 115 receptions for 1,407 yards and six touchdowns, solidifying his status as one of the league’s top-tier receivers.

However, injuries plagued Hopkins in the subsequent season, limiting his availability to just 10 games. Despite the setbacks, he managed to amass 42 receptions for 572 yards. Hopkins’s resilience and ability to make an impact even in limited appearances highlighted his value to the Cardinals and the importance of his contributions to the team’s offense.

The 2022 season presented additional challenges for Hopkins, as he faced a suspension for violating the league’s performance-enhancing drug policy and missed several games as a result. Nevertheless, he continued to prove his worth on the field, recording impressive statistics in just nine starts. Hopkins accumulated 64 receptions for 717 yards and three touchdowns, reaffirming his status as a highly skilled and valuable receiver.

The Cardinals finished the 2022 season with a disappointing 4-13 record, and Hopkins’s absence during the final two games didn’t help.

The accusation against DeAndre Hopkins refusing to suit up while healthy has certainly cast a shadow over his time with the Arizona Cardinals. The allegations raise questions about the dynamics within the team and the factors that ultimately led to Hopkins’s surprising release.