Carmelo Anthony Got Ejected On One Of The Softest Calls In NBA History

by 5 months ago

Did Tim Donaghy weasel his way back into the NBA or is this legitimately the worst call in professional sports since Golden Tate’s phantom catch against the Packers in the NFL’s replacement ref era?

Anthony had already been dinged with a technical foul in the game, and when he drove for a layup over Portland’s Jusuf Nurkic, his elbow struck Nurkic in the dome on a double-pump. Originally called an and-1, the refs went to the tape and hit Anthony with a Flagrant 2, which constitutes unnecessary and dangerous contact. Anthony was ejected from the game and the Trail Blazers would go on to beat the Thunder 103-99.

Mind you, this wasn’t a missed call or a call that required immediate action. The ref ejected Anthony after going to the tape, watching what we all saw, and deemed his behavior unacceptable. For a fucking layup. Here is the referee crew chief Rodney Mott’s explanation:

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