This Carmelo Anthony Jersey Hoodie Is What True Genius Looks Like

by 2 years ago


If you haven’t been following the saga of Hoodie Melo this off-season, you’ve been seriously missing out. Carmelo Anthony has posted a series of videos on Instagram that show him working out in a variety of hooded sweatshirts that seem to have the power to elevate his game to God-like levels

Could you make the argument that he’s merely picking and choosing the clips that make him look the most impressive? Sure, but that would make you that guy. Let’s try not to spoil the fun.

Based on how much they seem to elevate his game, some fans are calling on Carmelo to don a hoodie when he takes the court during the regular season. A quick examination of the NBA rulebook reveals that while NBA players are banned from wearing t-shirts under their jerseys, there is no explicit ban against hoodies. However, you can virtually guarantee that Adam Silver would be that guy.

We might never see Melo rocking a hoodie on the court, but that doesn’t mean we’ll never have an idea of what it might have looked like. Queens native and Knicks fan Robert Gordon commissioned a custom hoodie jersey that’s as amazing as it is absurd.

I spoke briefly with Gordon, who explained exactly how the uniform was constructed. “I sourced a youth jersey to construct the hood and attached it to my authentic jersey.” He estimated the project took about a week to complete once he connected with the designer who turned his dream into reality. It might not be sanctioned by the NBA, but it has my seal of approval.

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