Carson Wentz Asked A Cameraman For Tony Romo’s Opinion On A Touchdown Review Because He’s ‘Always Right’

Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Tony Romo was in his analyst bag once again last night, using what Eagles’ defensive end Chris Long dubbed “Megamind” to accurately predict the unfolding of football plays at an alarming rate.

Take for example a Patriots third down drive in the third quarter. Romo claimed that the situation called “for the Patriots to dial up a cool play here,” predicting it would be “unique.”

Then, just seconds later, this happened:

Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz holds Romo’s football opinions in such high regard, during an officiating review to decipher if Patriots cornerback Jonathan Jones intercepted a pass that he ripped from the hands of Eagles tight end Dallas Goedert, Wentz asked a CBS cameraman what Romo thought from the booth.

When Wentz got word that Romo thought it was a touchdown, he breathed a sigh of relief before saying, “Well, Romo’s always right.”

Romo’s response:

The play, which was initially ruled an interception, was overturned for an Eagles touchdown, as Romo predicted.

On the opposite sideline, Bill Belichick was not pleased with the call, and revealed after the game that the only touchdown the Eagles put on the board all game was a sham.

It’s only a sham if Tony Romo says it is.

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