Cary Williams, The Ravens CB Who Pushed an Official, Calls 49ers ‘Fake Tough Guys’

“To me, I feel like the 49ers are pretenders,” [Ravens cornerback] Williams said. “They're fake tough guys. You got to play football. We do it physical and we do it between the whistles. They were diving on piles, shoving people from behind. They can try to pretend they're physical, but we really are.”

Williams got into a fracas in the second quarter in which he shoved an official without penalty. He’s one lucky dude.

“I didn't know it was a ref,” Williams said. “It was just a reaction. It was a scrum. I feel bad about the situation. It was just a reaction. That's not the way to act. I just wanted to protect my teammates.”

So tough.

[H/T: Baltimore Sun]