Twitter Had A Field Day And Ripped The Redskins After They Traded For Another Mediocre QB, Case Keenum

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Case Keenum isn’t a terrible NFL quarterback, but is he the type of player that one would want his or her favorite team to trade for in hopes of turning the franchise around? Well, not exactly. Just ask the Denver Broncos how that went last season, as John Elway tossed $25 million in guarantees at Keenum during the 2018 offseason following his breakout 2017 campaign that saw the signal-caller lead the Minnesota Vikings to the NFC Championship Game. The return on investment? 18 touchdowns, 15 interceptions from Case Keenum and a lousy 6-10 record as the Broncos starter.

Apparently, though, that was good enough for the Washington Redskins, because the dysfunctional franchise agreed on terms to acquire Case Keenum today, which will become official next week once the NFL’s new league year begins March 13. The Redskins haven’t developed a quarterback in, oh, forever, yet they decided that Keenum was worth a late-round draft pick for, while agreeing to pay half of his 2019 salary, which comes out to being $3.5 million.

Seeing as how the Redskins now have Case Keenum competing against Colt McCoy for the starting gig — due to questions about any possible return to the hobbled Alex Smith following his brutal leg injury — people on Twitter were less than impressed with the team’s decision to make the trade to acquire Keenum. Just take a look at some of what Twitter was saying below.

You really can’t blame the people for voicing their (very angry and/or frustrated) opinions, can you? Trading for Case Keenum to have him compete with Colt McCoy is like trading in a used, 1999 Dodge Stratus in exchange for a used, 2000 Ford Taurus; like, what’s the point?

Maybe Keenum bounces back and somehow proves he’s a Pro Bowler (doubtful), or maybe the Redskins really have no clue how to run an NFL franchise (probable).

(H/T FTW.USAToday)