Cavinder Twins Show Off Their Leg Workout Routine In Viral TikTok

Cavinder Twins on the court

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The Cavinder Twins are making sure to stay fit before they begin training for the WWE.

Last month, Hanna and Haley Cavinder revealed on the TODAY show they were leaving the University Of Miami and retiring from basketball to pursue a career in the WWE.

“Their fanbase, the sport, the fitness side of it,” Haley Cavinder said. “That fits Hanna and I’s brand and aligns great with us, and so they’re a great partner. And yeah we’re very excited about the future with them.”

According to their agent Jeff Hoffman, the twins will begin training at the WWE performance center in Orlando sometime in the spring before they can make their in-ring appearance on television.

Via The Street

Haley and Hanna Cavinder will begin training at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando in the spring in a move that could determine whether we see the twins in the ring soon.

The Cavinder Twins’ agent Jeff Hoffman of Everett Sports Marketing told TheStreet that this will be the first time the Twins will have in-ring training with the WWE, but they are “open to exploring” an opportunity to perform with the top wrestling promotion under the right circumstances.

But before the Twins are thrown in front of a live audience on national television, they have to get the go signal after their training.

“The WWE, they have a very specific training process — They don’t just fit people into storylines and say, ‘Here you go.’” Hoffman said. “The twins are D1 athletes, they’re extremely fit, healthy, exercise constantly, but there’s also a process through the training to make sure you understand not only movements but safety.”

The twins are still in Miami but they’re staying in shape with a leg workout routine coordinated by fitness instructor and Alex Rodriguez’s ex-girlfriend, Kat Padgett.

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