Cavinder Twins Workout Outfits Go Viral On TikTok

Cavinder Twins at the Clippers game

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The Cavinder Twins are keeping fit before they start training for the WWE.

Lat month, the twins announced they were leaving the University Of Miami and retiring from basketball to join the WWE.

The twins explained the move during an appearance on the Today Show and believe it was the right fit for their brand going forward.

“I think after playing all four years together and deciding not to take our fifth year, we decided there’s more opportunities besides basketball,” Haley said. “Obviously it’s such a difficult position to be in, because we wanted to take our fifth year and continue to play, but I think it came down to just optimizing all the opportunities that we have ahead of us.”

“Their fanbase, the sport, their fitness side of it, that fits Hanna and I’s brand and aligns great with us,” Haley told Today. “So they’re a great partner and yeah, we’re very excited with the future with them.”

In their most recent social media posts, the twins went viral with their latest workout outfit photos and videos.


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