Cavs Fan Who Got Fired For Trash-Talking Stephen Curry On Twitter Is Still Doing It

Golden State Warriors superstar Stephen Curry is not having a good NBA Finals, guys. The two-time reigning league MVP is shooting just 46 percent, averaging 16 points per game and has yet to have one of those, “Are you FUCKING kidding me” moments. And while it probably has a lot to do with the Cleveland defense, maybe a ruthless Cavs fan from Twitter is actually getting into his head?

The other day, we told you about a total douchebag on Twitter named @SoftCaramelKiss, who sent offensive tweets to Curry’s family—which actually cost him his job once the guy’s employer found out about it.

And just when you thought that would be a good time for him to tone it down on the Interwebs, Mr. @SoftCaramelKiss has done anything but, actually continuing to do the same shit.

That last tweet got a reaction from his alleged boss—and it looks like ol’ dude’s new job is safe this time.

Ah, yes, the Internet. Making people do dumb shit for the past 20-plus years.

[H/T FOX Sports]

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