Watch Yankees Pitcher CC Sabathia Get His $23 Million Arm Held Back From Swinging In Street Fight

It has been a rough couple of seasons for New York Yankees (presumed) ace CC Sabathia, who has seen himself go from one of the deadliest lefty’s on a mound and perennial All-Star to below-average in a hurry.

Compiling a record of just 21-26 with an ERA at 4.99 from 2013-today, the hurler probably has a little bit of frustration pinned up in his head—and, according to this video from a street brawl, his fists, too!

While exiting a Toronto night club in the early hours on Saturday, Sabathia is seen yelling and pointing as a street brawl sparks, forcing the pitcher to be restrained from throwing a punch with his golden arm.

According to a TMZ report, CC was forced into a car before the fight escalated into something bigger, which, lucky for both him and the Yanks, didn’t involve the 6’7″, 280-pounder. Sabathia talked about what went down:

“Bad decision on my part. I probably should have just kept quiet and got in the cab. I’m just glad I got in the cab before everything went down. But I didn’t know anything that was happening. I didn’t know that big fight and everything happened after.”

Sabathia said he could not even recall what time the conflict began or what set him off — but indicated it was “a little bit” personal about his playing ability, though it never got racial.

“I just flipped out. It happens. You don’t hide. I go to dinner. I do different things. Sometimes … it was a bad night. They caught me at a bad time. Got a bad reaction. I was just leaving. It was literally 25 seconds of me and then I was gone.”

While CC hasn’t really been himself on the mound lately, with the Yanks vying for a playoff spot, the last thing they would need is a veteran like Sabathia going down with some dumbass injury that could have come out of this.

Actually, who am I kidding, the guy is getting paid $23 million for a season in which he sucks balls, so maybe getting put on the DL for the rest of the year and counting his money would be a more enjoyable thing to do than get shelled every fifth day?

Either way, one thing’s for sure—I will not be heckling CC Sabathia in my entire life, mainly because I value my face a little bit too much.

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