Chad Johnson Thinks He’s Best ‘FIFA 15’ Player In World, Takes Two-Hour Uber Ride To Play Twitter Follower

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If there’s one thing we all already knew about former NFL wide receiver Chad Johnson, it’s that he really likes to run his mouth.

A six-time Pro Bowler and one of the top receivers in the game a decade ago, Ochocinco knew that he could burn nearly anyone who dared matchup against him, which brought his confidence out in a big way.

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And if you didn’t know that No. 85 really likes the video game FIFA, well, where in the hell have you been all these years? Seriously, the guy talks more trash on Twitter about how he’s the best gamer in the world on the reg, even tossing out the idea of challenging some of his followers one day.


// day came yesterday, while, in Norfolk, Virginia Johnson took a fucking two-hour Uber ride to some kid’s house to hit the sticks with some digital soccer players. Once the arrangement was confirmed, the former wideout began talking mad shit to the kid—Twitter user TheeCMo—showing up to the bro’s house in Richmond to settle the score.//


Turns out the two gamers were actually pretty even, splitting their two games, and proving that, while Johnson was a fearless receiver who could dominate on the gridiron, when holding a controller in his hands for a virtual soccer game, he can’t always burn his opponent.

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