Chargers Mascot Becomes A Meme After NFL HOF Shows Image Of Him ‘Paying Respects’ To Junior Seau

Chargers mascot Boltman

Getty Image / Tom Hauck

The Los Angeles Chargers mascot, known as Boltman, has officially become a meme all thanks to the NFL Hall of Fame.

They shared an image of Boltman visiting the Hall of Fame claiming he was there to “pay his respects” to the late Junior Seau.

It’s kind of an odd picture and the caption was a bit strange as well. The original caption was so weirdly worded that the HOF account went back in and changed it up.

Either way, the Chargers mascot is now a viral meme.

The NFL Hall of Fame shared this picture on X, formerly known as Twitter, late Sunday night.

It’s literally just Boltman standing in front of Junior Seau’s bust. The NFL Hall of Fame clearly meant for the image to be a meaningful picture for the Chargers legend. However, it just doesn’t feel real. It almost feels like it’s satire or something.

And that’s basically what it became. Especially after Barstool’s Big Cat quote tweeted a sarcastic response to the original post.

From there, the meme took off as people photoshopped the Chargers mascot visiting memorial sights around the globe.

Boltman in New York.

The original post definitely feels like something Darren Rovell would write.

RIP Blockbuster.

I’m not sure how the NFL Hall of Fame didn’t see this image of the Chargers mascot becoming a meme like this. As soon as they took the photo they should’ve known how people would react.

But shoutout to the HOF for not deleting the tweet.