The Chargers Made An Obvious Change To Their Snapchat Name And Fans Are Pissed AF About It

by 3 years ago

San Diego Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers is an intense competitor. Is "intense" the right word?

Times are tough for any of those people out there who are fans of the San Diego Chargers. Not only did the team suck ass this season, going just 4-12 and ending up with the No. 3 overall pick in this year’s draft, but the uncertainty about the team’s possible relocation has been a fucking PR nightmare and headache for everyone.

While the improvement of the team will take time, the whole relocation thing may have gotten a little clearer, as the Chargers changed their Snapchat logo, blatantly removing the words “San Diego” from it—and fans are piping hot about it.

Here’s the old logo:



And here’s the new logo:



And here are some of the reactions on Twitter to the team making such a move, which, in no way can anyone say this was a smart move given the team’s muddling situation about where they’ll be playing next season.

It may have been a subtle subtraction—and who knows if this actually means a fucking thing in terms of their future plans—but Chargers fans feel like they’re getting jacked around by the team with the change.

[H/T SB Nation]

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