Charles Barkley Relishing In Draymond Green’s Misery Nearly Causes Shaq To Pee His Pants

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Not sure there is anyone outside the Green family who feels sympathy for Draymond Green, who suddenly plays for the assiest ass team in the NBA and is putting up Jared Dudley numbers.

Ok, that last part crossed the line. Apologies to Mary Babers Green, who whole-heartedly agrees with me.

Draymond’s Warriors are a league-worst 9-34. The three-time NBA All Star is averaging 8.4 points, 6.3 rebounds and under one block a game, among his worst stats since coming into the league in 2012.

You know who is relishing in the choppy waters in which Draymond wades? Mr. Charles Barkley.

Keep in mind, in May of 2018, Barkley admitted to wanting to “punch his ass in the face,” causing Draymond to challenge Barkley to talk with his fists and making fun of his age.

Old grudges die hard. Drink in Shaq’s reaction.

Don’t take offense, Dray. You aren’t the only victim of the ‘triple single’ jab–Ben Simmons and Lonzo Ball have also been buried by it.

And Charles is right. Draymond wants to make as little noise in this nightmare of a season as possible. It’s a good strategic move, because people can’t forget what you don’t do. If only Kyrie Irving would take notes.


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