Charles Barkley Got Folded Up By Las Vegas Aces Star Kelsey Plum After Asking About WNBA Championship Repeat

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Kelsey Plum was nothing short of an absolute superstar for the University of Washington women’s basketball program.

The former Huskies guard was named the National Player of the Year as a senior and still holds the Pac-12’s all-time scoring record, for both men and women, with 3,527 career points.

The Las Vegas Aces selected Plum with the first pick in the 2017 WNBA Draft and she’s lived up the hype. Plum averaged a career-high 20.2 points per game in 2022 on 42 percent shooting from beyond the arc. She also notched 5 assists per game and was named first-team All-WNBA. Oh, and she led the Aces to their first WNBA championship in the process.

Simply put, Plum is one of the biggest stars in women’s basketball.

She joined NBA legend Charles Barkley and Inside the NBA co-host Ernie Johnson earlier this week for an episode of their podcast, The Steam Room. And Barkley now probably wishes she hadn’t.

Kelsey Plum Absolutely Destroys Charles Barkley

At one point in the episode, Barkley asked Plum whether she would guarantee another WNBA title for the Aces. Plum wouldn’t take the bait, and instead absolutely roasted Barkley with her reply.

“You know, for someone that’s never won a championship, I’ll just give you some advice,” she said. “That’s really not what you do.”

Barkley, of course, was an 11-time NBA All-Star and former league MVP, but never took home a Larry O’Brien trophy. Though to his credit, he took Plum’s light roasting in stride.

Most people seemed to take the joke with a grain of salt, though some saw it as an unfair potshot at one of the game’s legends.

Plum has a little while to go until she catches Barkley in terms of individual accolades. But she’ll always have the WNBA championship ring to fall back on.