Charles Barkley Appears To Take Shot At ESPN’s JJ Redick For Defending Ja Morant Over Gun Flashing Video

Charles Barkley

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Charles Barkley has chimed in on the latest Ja Morant situation, and he’s taking not-so-subtle shots at other media members.

Earlier this week on First Take, ESPN’s JJ Redick defended Morant, who was caught flashing a gun on Instagram live for the second time this year, by saying he didn’t understand why people wanted to “drop the hammer on a 23-year-old who didn’t break a law.”

“In our country right now, gun culture is pervasive. We’ve got mass shooting after mass shooting and nobody’s doing a damn thing about it, so I get why everyone is sensitive right now,” Redick said.

“But there’s no consequence for this for [Texas Gov.] Greg Abbott telling his constituents that they should go buy more guns, and then we have mass shooting after mass shooting in Texas. There’s no consequence for an elected Tennessee official to send out a Christmas card holding AR-15’s with his young family, and then there’s a shooting in his very district.

“There’s no consequences to that, so why are we trying to lay down the hammer on a 23-year-old who didn’t break a law!? Explain that to me!”

During Wednesday’s edition of Inside The NBA, Barkley appeared to take shots at Redick’s stance on the Ja Morant situation.

“We got some idiots, some fools, some jacka—- on television that really just p— me off, talking about Ja should make a stand by saying he didn’t break any laws, he didn’t do anything wrong…those guys are just freaking idiots…when you’re making $100 million a year to play sports your life changes, there are certain rules and regulations that you have to live by, you can’t do stupid stuff, that’s the trade off.”

Fans immediately started tagging Redick on Twitter to respond to Barkley’s comments.

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