Charles Barkley Named His Daughter After A Mall, And His Explanation Is Hilarious

Charles Barkley Named His Daughter After A Mall, His Explanation Is Wild

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  • Charles Barkley named his daughter after a building, not just any building, a mall.
  • The NBA great explained his reasoning in pure Barkley fashion.
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Typically, if someone is named after something, it’s another relative, maybe a special place, or even a song. Not often do you hear about anyone being named after a building, but that’s the route Charles Barkley took when naming his daughter.

We’re not talking about a famous building either. His daughter isn’t named ‘Empire’ after the Empire State Building or anything, we’re talking about your regular run-of-the-mill mall.

Barkley played nine seasons for the Philadelphia 76ers, and that city and its surrounding area clearly left a mark on Barkley.

With Philadelphia so close to Delaware, Barkley said that he went to a particular Christiana Mall, and that’s where he got the name Christiana for his daughter.

The exchange between Barkley and Ernie Johnson as Chuck tells the story is absolutely hysterical:

BARKLEY: She’s named after a mall, in fairness. There’s a Christiana Mall in Delaware that I always used to go by. That’s how she got her name, Christiana.

EJ: Hold on, stop.

BARKLEY: What is it?

EJ: You named your daughter after a mall?


EJ: Why?

BARKLEY: I don’t know, I just liked the mall.

EJ: You’re a mess, man. 

Christiana is a cool, unique name. I’ve never even met someone named Christiana before, I don’t think, which is great, but come on, Chuck, a mall?

In all fairness, Barkley could’ve lied and said that he came up with the name all by himself. The fact that he is sticking with this mall story and isn’t ashamed to tell it is honestly refreshing.

Chuck always keeps it real, that’s for sure.

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